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I'm Designer because...


I specialize in Visual Design because ...


In the future ...


My most notable qualities are ...


I like being able to change things. It is important to engage in the world evolution’s process and design allows me to do. Thanks to him, I can give a new vision to what we already know, transforming it into something completely different.


Interaction and experience design can make things change. You can get a new vision of so many hings when you get them through a new experience.


I wanna be a part of the change. I wanna create new expericences and new things visions. I wanna explore the interaction design to become a great experience designer.


Efficiency and organitzation. Consider any element vital to plan and take into account all aspects, positive or negative, and any problems that may occur with the corresponding solution. Good planning and efficient work can save time, energy and resources in the future.